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Hw11 Due Thursday 2/1 + Start Studying for Exam 1!

posted Jan 29, 2018, 1:26 PM by Andrew Krause   [ updated Jan 29, 2018, 1:26 PM ]
Remember that Hw11: Drop Date Review is due this Thursday (2/1) at 11:59pm.  This is another "test" type assignment, which is listed at the bottom of the assignment list. The deadline for this assignment cannot be extended.

Also, the drop deadline for full refund is this Friday (2/2) at 8:00pm.

It is time to start reviewing for Exam 1 (only 3 weeks away).  Reviewing webwork and the lecture notes are both crucial, but you should also try some other activities that help you tie together ideas across section.  Here's some things you might try:
  1. Concept mapping: this is a great way to visualize the connections between topics.  Here's an example: Limit Concept Map.  You should be able to fill in the lines between the ideas to explain how the ideas are connected.
  2. Short summaries: Try to fit a summary plus example problems from each section on as small a space as possible.  This helps you see all of the content on the same page and also helps you distill lots of pages of notes and problems into just the big ideas.
  3. Write your own exam: Practice by writing problems for a friend.  Writing your own problems helps you focus on the components of problems that determine what solution method you need to use.  This is a great exercise for mastering product/quotient/chain rules because you can construct each problem to use each rule and see if a study buddy can decode it.  You can use Wolfram or Symbolab to check you work.
  4. Practice Exams: There's lots of practice exams on the main course webpage.  You should try one today to see where you're at.  Remember, the practice exams are NOT study guides.  They are best used as a self-assessment for you to see where you're at and what you need to keep working on.  Try to complete the whole exam without your notes or looking at the solution first.  Then, check your work by looking at the solution and using your notes to figure it out.