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Useful Links

Common Course Site - This is the main MTH 132 course website for MSU.  You'll find important information here including syllabus information (grading scale, attendance policies, course objectives), links to lecture videos, link to pay for Webwork, uniform information (content, times, location), and links for additional help.

Piazza Forum - Piazza is a forum where you can post questions that can be answered by instructors or other students.  MTH 132 students usually use Piazza to get help/clarification about Webwork problems and course structure (due dates, etc.)

WeBWorK Info - Online homework is completed on Webwork.  Each class has a unique webwork address, and you can find your webwork address using this link.  Remember to pay for Webwork on time -- payment information is listed on this site.

Student Gradebook - The student gradebook is an excel file that is programmed to calculate your course grade using the raw scores from your assignments, accounting for dropped quizzes, exam remediation, and extra credit surveys.  Grade reports with your raw scores will be sent periodically, or you can track your scores yourself.  You can also use the gradebook to find grade projections by estimating future grades.